NSX-V: VMware Closing Ranks

NSX-V: VMware Closing Ranks


Faisal Hasan, who co-presented an NSX LiveFire session I attended recently, recently shared the following update via LinkedIn:

Discontinuation of 3rd party vSwitch program (2149722)


The following is called out specifically in the FAQ:

“What about Cisco AVS, which is part of the Cisco ACI solution? Are you also discontinuing support for AVS? VMware has never supported Cisco AVS from its initial release.”



Whilst there has been some well documented animosity since the Nicira acquistion in 2012, this is one of the clearest statements I've read on this particular topic. Up until very recently in fact, Cisco had a stock (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) response that "whilst VMware doesn't support AVS, Cisco does..."

Removing the API somewhat invalidates that response!

Open vs Closed Source

To me, this goes against the prevailing wind of the industry (and technology generally it could be argued) - namely the trend towards OpenSource and integrations. It's an interesting step, which I think there is clear strategy behind - NSX-T.


This announcement is perhaps a way of placing more relevance on the NSX-T solution as VMwares "OpenSource" offering, whilst ensuring it maintains it's closed market for all those VMware powered virtualised server infrastructures out there in the world.

It's a smart move if you think about it; on the one hand consolidating the existing (now completely closed) vSphere based SDN/SDDC market, whilst on the other hand offering an option for all your OpenSource needs... that also has a VMware badge. It will surely play very nicely with it's NSX-V "brother from another mother" to boot.

I'm attending a workshop on the much-vaunted "Transformers" NSX solution in the not-too-distant future. I'll try and use it as an opportunity to get answers on the numerous conundrums that this announcement has raised in my head.

Final Thought

It's likely very fair that I am reading a lot into a single knowledge base announcement; however VMware do look very strong across the enterprise private cloud space. NSX continues to look very strong, with strong growth; is there an "out of the box" solution out there that compares? I think not.